Create The Work & Life You Love

Being able to create the work you love all comes down to your relationship with tension. Particularly the tension created by sudden and imposed change as a result being made redundant, losing your job or if the conditions at work have become untenable. How you resolve that tension will determine whether you create the work you love or not.

If you act out of reaction, you will create work that keeps you trapped in struggle and survival. Whereas, if you purposefully engage your imagination and intuition, you will be free to create the work you love.

Having the ability to purposefully engage your imagination and intuition requires training. This is because we instinctively revert to our beliefs and assumptions when we act out of reaction to resolve the tension created by sudden and imposed change. Once you're trained in your imagination and intuition, you'll be able to effortlessly wield the tension you're experiencing, and create the work you love while being centred in your power.

I've created two training pathways which you can choose from:

The Transition Training or The Transition Coaching Course.

You can find out more about the Transition Coaching Course by clicking here.

The Transition Training

The Transition Training goes over 3 months, and during that time, you will be trained in your imagination and intuition to a very deep level. It will give you the ability to stop creating from your beliefs and assumptions, and empower you with the clarity and conviction to create the work you would love to do.

By the completion of the Transition Training, you will also have the intuitive expertise and ability to purposefully create what you love in all the other areas of your life.

The section below outlines what you'll learn each month:

The Format

Month 1

During the first workshop, you'll learn how to purposefully access your imagination and intuition, so that you can become aware of the specific beliefs and assumptions that are being triggered, as a result of the change you’re experiencing. This will empower you to stop acting out of reaction and save you from creating work that traps you in survival and struggle.

You’ll then start using your imagination and intuition to receive clarity about the work you would love to do. You'll also get clear about the purposeful action you can take to bring it to life.

Throughout the month, you'll do a one-one-one coaching session with me and participate in an interactive educational webinar. Together, they will deepen and reinforce your learning and enable you to integrate everything you've learnt into your life.


Month 2

Month 3

You'll Receive

3 months of personal tuition

3 Intuitive Coaching sessions

3 Interactive Educational Webinars

Exclusive use of and meals at Escot House

Is The Transition Training For You?

If you want to change the direction of your life, and you want to use your redundancy, job loss or changing work conditions as an opportunity to discover and create the work you love,  then the Transition Training will be a supportive and transformational structure that will serve you to create a magnificent new life.

The Venue

House From Lake #17

The Transition Training is being held in a beautiful environment immersed in nature. It will contribute wonderfully to you connecting with your inherent intuitive ability and being centred in your power.

Escot Estate is deep in the heart of the Devon countryside. It has a particular magic that Joanna and I love; its majestic woodland dedicated to rewilding British wildlife. 

It is also very accessible, being only 10 minutes drive from Exeter airport and the nearest railway station.

Your First Step

Book An Intuitive Coaching Session

During the session we’ll draw on our combined intuitive wisdom to receive a deep insight into:

  • The vision of the work you would love to create
  • The work your beliefs and assumptions will create if you act out of reaction, and how it will keep you trapped in struggle and survival
  • How The Transition Training will personally serve you to create the work you love

The session is £90.00. If you choose to join me on The Transition Training afterwards, then It will go towards your deposit.

We’ll do the session on-line and it will take up to 90 minutes. Fill in your details below and we can arrange a time that will work for us both.