The Power of Sovereignty

Empowering You In Your Sovereign Leadership

2 Day Workshop

(Exclusively for Graduates of Your Call To Greatness)

The Power Of Sovereignty will empower you to master your sovereign leadership, relationship, communication and negotiation abilities, so you can effortlessly create what you love and have a transformational impact on others and the world.

You Are Always Leading


The first thing you'll learn is that you are always leading, either unconsciously with your beliefs or purposefully with love.


You'll learn what specific beliefs you lead with and how they keep you trapped in survival and remove you from what you love. You will then learn how to engage your intuitive wisdom to lead with love and be anchored in your Sovereignty, which will enable you to create what you most love directly, effortlessly and magically.


Your Leadership Impacts Your Relationships


You'll then learn that your leadership determines what kind of relationships you create. Knowing what beliefs you lead with will reveal the dysfunctional relationship modes you create and the direct impact you have on others.


In learning how to lead with love you will be empowered to create synergistic relationships that are built on love, truth and service, which will anchor you in your Sovereignty and serve others to live in theirs.


When Communicating & Negotiating There Is Always Something at Stake

When you lead with your beliefs you assume that you’re separate from what you want, and as result you unconsciously manipulate others and allow yourself to be manipulated when communicating and negotiating. This prevents you from creating what you love and makes you believe it’s not possible.


You will learn what specific manipulative strategies you employ, as well as learn how you allow yourself to be manipulated when something important is at stake.


When you lead with love you assume you’re connected to what you want, regardless of the tension you’re experiencing, and as a result you focus your imagination on taking the obvious action to create it, while serving the other persons Sovereignty when communicating and negotiating.


You will learn how to communicate and negotiate with others by connecting directly with their heart and in doing so you will effortlessly and magically create what you most love, and you will serve the other person to create what they most love as well.


By the end of The Power Of Sovereignty you will be anchored in your Sovereignty and be able to lead, relate, communicate and negotiate by leading with love. As a result you’ll be empowered to completely transform your life by creating what you most cherish and have a profound impact on the lives of others.


Why Only For Your Call To Greatness Graduates?

There is a lot of assumed knowledge going into The Power Of Sovereignty. Having done Your Call To Greatness you have already learnt about the Hero’s Journey, you have learnt about beliefs, how to go into innocence, how to directly access your intuitive wisdom and how to engage your Will. All of these things are vital in order to be able to step into your Sovereignty and lead with love.


This also adds a level of magic and power to The Power Of Sovereignty because everyone has had that shared experience, and as a result there is a common understanding, a common language and a strong foundation of learning to build upon.


You can find out when the next Your Call To Greatness workshop is being held by visiting the Trainings page.


If you'd like to connect with me personally to find out more, feel free to get in touch.



 Jay Manyande


I had an amazing weekend at The Power of Sovereignty! The vibration of Love and Will that Darren Eden is able to create is truly outstanding. I feel so blessed to have witnessed so many magical hearts opening and pouring out love and new depths of understanding about relationships and the way we lead. I learnt so much about myself from the openness of the shares of others. Thank you fellow Hero partners and a special thank you Darren Eden. I highly recommend this workshop. 



Chrissie Masterman 


The Power of Sovereignty weekend, which for anyone who has enjoyed Your Call to Greatness, is an absolute must. It made me fall deeply in love all over again with the realisation that my Greatness is here to stay, no matter how many feeble attempts I make to shut the door in its face.  I just have to keep opening my heart and receiving more of myself and let that beautiful Greatness keep shining. Love to one and all.


Villy Tsvetkova


Wow, The Power Of Sovereignty was fabulous! It was such a joy and privilege to share the space with so many shining hearts.

I had such profound insights this weekend, I realised how much my heart would absolutely love to lead people on their journey to live healthy and vibrant lives aligned with their hearts, building on the learnings of my own journey so far. I now understand why I felt compelled to sign up to study integrative health and nutrition days after I left work in September.

Not a bad weekend, considering how I really don’t like ‘repeating’ events, weekends, well anything. Very happy my Will created this weekend for me. Thank you all for your love and service and thank you Darren for organising and facilitating such a great workshop.


Tony Wilkinson


At The Power of Sovereignty I learned all about my Not Allowed to be Capable belief coupled with my Dominant/Submissive flip flopping behaviour.

This week in work, a deal I have been chasing for over a year moved to its next stage and the client decided to run a 5 day workshop. The workshop is to be held in a place that the UK Government currently classifies as too dangerous to travel to and recommends leaving immediately.

So there was a challenge, not attending meant exclusion from the deal which is worth around $40 million. In identity, there is real pressure to go, big pressure to hit my own targets, big pressure top down to ‘put IBM first’, to explain how important this is for IBM etc. It reached a peak when IBM offered to put on two chase cars and a six man armed guard for me to go there for a week! I’ve sat and watched some people cave in to this and agree to go.

In Sovereignty, there is no pressure whatsoever. It is very clear that I love myself and my family far more than anything else. I am not willing to compromise on those and put myself at such risk just for my job, whatever the consequence. The decision is really easy to take and now others on the team who did not have that consciousness are telling me how relieved they are that someone has taken that stance.

Probably the best part though is that by staying in Sovereignty to explain this, the folks in the US who were pressurising me have taken the time to listen and to understand – it has been easy and now IBM as a whole is working with the client to try and arrange something in a different place. If this had happened two weeks ago I either would have submitted and gone, and then been really pissed off with IBM for sending me there. Or taken a righteous and aloof attitude and just fed the drama of the situation to make it worse.

I’m really reflecting on the effortlessness of staying Sovereign, and of the hugely improved outcome from doing so.


Katie Levitt

My end result for The Power Of Sovereignty was to continue anchoring myself in this work and its premises. I received this in a number of ways - acknowledging how much more I know myself now than two years ago when I came to my first Your Call To Greatness, how I create impact and how I allow myself to be impacted by others, embracing the wound and acknowledging the purpose it serves then choosing to move the power away from it with Will.

Yesterday was a day of further assimilation for me, filled with insights on the beliefs and relationship patterns of people around me and some tension around the relationship patterns I play out with others.

This journey isn't without tension and pain at times, yet with that tension and pain comes great insight and then love, truth and joy. With each training and tune in and experience of this work, I am anchoring myself into the world of love and magic and consciously choosing to use my Will to know myself above all else and go for what I love.

Whether you've done one or many Your Call To Greatness workshops, if you haven't yet done The Power of Sovereignty weekend, I invite you to step over the thresholds you create and continue on your Hero's Journey - with Darren Eden as your wise man, the Will of your heart and a sprinkling of love and magic, you will find treasures you never expected.

Tuition Normally: £295.00

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