The Renaissance
Empowering You To Live Your Myth

8 Day Training

The Renaissance will immerse you in the realm of Love and Magic and serve you to bring your mythical world to life



The Renaissance is a continuum of The Transformation and an immersion in the realm of love and magic with other graduates of The Transformation, where you’ll develop a deeper mastery of your intuitive wisdom and creativity.

By the completion of The Renaissance you will be grounded in the magical and mythical being you really are, and have the clarity and conviction to bring your own mythical world to life.


What You’ll Learn Throughout The Renaissance

The first half of The Renaissance is dedicated to resurrecting your mythical self and serving you to be anchored in your Sovereignty.

You’ll learn how to purposefully embark on your next Hero’s Journey by learning how to embody your Royalty and embody the divinity of your wound. This will transform your relationship with your Identity. Your Identity will start fulfilling its true purpose of being the vehicle of your Greatness instead of being the vehicle of your beliefs and strategies. Your Identity will become aligned with your Greatness and they will start working together synergistically to bring your Land Of Plenty to life.

During the second half of The Renaissance you will learn how to purposefully create your own myth. You’ll do this by learning how to wield psychological, financial and creative tension to bring every aspect of your mythical world to life.

In Hero’s Journey terms the second half of The Renaissance will teach you how to wield the Power of Love so you can effortlessly Face Your Demons and Find Your Treasure and purposefully Go Into Service.

If you would love to be immersed in the realm of Love & Magic for 8 days with other graduates of The Transformation, and start purposefully bringing your mythical world to life, then I invite you to join me at The Renaissance.




£1,800.00 (£1,500 + VAT)


£500.00 (Non-refundable & non-transerable)

Includes a 90-minute Intuitive Session with me.



Where Is It Held?


Tenuta Donna Maria, Matera, Italy


Accommodation & Food

The Renaissance will be held at Tenuta Donna Maria in Matera. We'll have the unique opportunity of being immersed in Mariella's myth and receive it's majesty and her wonderful love and hospitality.


Mariella will be providing all the accommodation and food for the 8 days.


The accommodation is based on 2,3 or 4 people sharing bedrooms and the prices vary between €45.00 and €30.00 per day (plus 4% VAT). There are also a limited number of rooms available for single occupancy for €70.00 per day (plus 4% VAT).


The meals will be organic and mostly vegetarian and vegan with the occasional meat dish. Many of the vegetables will be grown on Mariella’s farm.


The price of the food will be €60.00 per day (plus 4% VAT) which includes 8 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners as well as morning and afternoon tea for 7 days.


Please contact Mariella directly once you’ve enrolled to discuss your accommodation preference and to make payment for your food and accommodation. You can contact Mariella at



How To Register

You can register by paying your £500.00 deposit, which will secure your seat at The Renaissance, and then we’ll arrange your intuitive session.


If you would like to contact me personally, feel free to call me on +44 7533 343741 or email me on