The Transformation

Empowering You To Live Your Greatness

8 Month Training

27th April - 25th November 2018

Horsley Estate, Surrey

The Transformation will lead you on a magical journey of transformation into your Greatness

Throughout The Transformation you will learn how to harness the power of your imagination and intuition to artfully and masterfully create the life you truly love.


By the completion of The Transformation you will be completely centred in your power as the creative force in your life. You will be able to take the most magnificent life you could imagine and turn it into reality.


The content and structure has been artfully and masterfully designed to progressively lead you to greater depths of your own power and magnificence.


The Transformation is conducted over one weekend a month for eight months. Each weekend builds synergistically on the one before it, and the month in between gives you the space and time to apply and integrate everything you’ve learned.


Is The Transformation For You?

The Transformation is for you if you have the conviction to go on the journey to create personal mastery, and if you are committed to letting go of what keeps you playing small in life and move on to live and share your Greatness with the world.


If you want to start discovering and dedicating your life to what you really love and start living from your unconquerable soul, then The Transformation will serve you impeccably along that journey to create what you love and be who you really are.


Committing To The Transformation

It is vital that everyone who participates in The Transformation is committed to completing it. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you attend the Awaken Your Hero 1-day workshop beforehand, which will give you a deep insight into the benefits you’ll receive throughout The Transformation. It will also give you an immersed experience of the core premises and learning environment upon which it is based.


You find out more about Awaken Your Hero and when the next one is being held by visiting:


Summary of Each Weekend


1. The Path To Greatness

You’ll discover the alchemical path, that everyone who has attained personal mastery has taken, and learn how to apply it to live your Greatness.

 You’ll learn that your focus creates your reality and discover the degree to which your unconscious beliefs have impacted your life.

You’ll also learn the art of creating magically by shifting your focus to the end result of what you love. In doing so, you’ll take the power out of your unconscious beliefs and ignite the power of your intuitive wisdom.


2. Choosing Your Greatness

You’ll intuitively create choices for your life that are determined by your Greatness.

 You’ll then learn an alchemical formula which, when combined with your intuitive wisdom, will powerfully and magically compel the creation of each of your choices.


3. The Art of Living Mythically

You’ll create true freedom by coming to the profound realisation that your Identity has been created by your Greatness, and make the fundamental shift from creating your life unconsciously through your beliefs to creating it purposefully and imaginatively through your intuitive wisdom.


4. Facing Your Shadow

This weekend is a major turning point in The Transformation. The first three months have equipped you with the intuitive mastery to take your training to a much deeper level. 

You will delve into the depths of your shadow self with your intuitive wisdom to reveal your dark side. You’ll discover that what you most fear is in fact your greatest gift.


5. Sovereign Leadership

You’ll discover how your Identity unconsciously manipulates others in order to create end results.

You’ll learn to lead, relate to, communicate and negotiate with others by connecting to their Greatness and in so doing create deeply loving and truthful relationships.


6. Personal Mastery

This is also a very pivotal weekend of The Transformation where you will discover the core dysfunctional strategy of your Identity.

You will learn how to dispel the illusion of your Identity and stand in the power of your Greatness in every circumstance. You’ll be able to shift the power from fear to love in any situation.


7. Synergy and Service

You’ll learn how to create extraordinary end results synergistically by being able to bring out the Greatness of others within any group or team dynamic. You’ll learn the true meaning of contribution and service by using the power of your intuitive wisdom.

You’ll be able to use money to serve the creation of your intuitive choices, instead of the limited agendas of your Identity.


8. Living Your Greatness

During the final weekend the magic that has been weaving itself throughout The Transformation comes together in a grand crescendo. During this weekend you will shine in your Greatness with everyone else who has been on the journey with you.

You will learn the power of completion and how to create ongoing momentum so that you can be assured that the rest of your life is a masterful work of art and a magnificent legacy for the rest of humanity.


Where Is It Held?

The Transformation is a residential program that is held in a relaxing environment surrounded by nature so you can have an immersed experience of your Greatness away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Being residential also allows you to create a deep connection with everyone else on the journey with you.


The Transformation is held at De Vere Horsley Estate in Surrey, which has a charm, beauty and grandeur that creates the perfect environment for everyone throughout each weekend. You will receive first class service and accommodation and nourishing meals. 

To find out more about De Vere Horsley Estate, visit their website at:


Dates in 2018

Each weekend starts at 6.00pm on Friday evening and concludes at 6.30pm on Sunday evening.

Weekend 1: 27th - 29th April 2018

Weekend 2: 25th - 27th May

Weekend 3: 22nd - 24th June

Weekend 4: 27th - 29th July

Weekend 5: 24th - 26th August

Weekend 6: 28th - 30th September

Weekend 7: 26th - 28th October

Weekend 8: 23rd - 25th November 




Method                   Amount          Pay By

Prepayment           £3,500.00       Friday 6th April 2018     or
Payment Plan        £3,900.00       Friday 9th November 2018   (£425.00 per month)

(All prices include VAT)


Food & Accommodation

£245.00 per person per weekend.
(This is payable two weeks prior to each weekend)



£500.00 (Non-refundable & non-transferable)

(Includes an intuitive coaching session and a seat at Your Call To Greatness valued at £450.00)


How To Register

You can register by paying your £500.00 deposit, which will secure your seat at The Transformation and Your Call To Greatness. We’ll then arrange your intuitive coaching session.