Your Call To Greatness

Experience the Magic of Your Greatness

2 Day Workshop

The greatest gift you can give yourself is your intuitive wisdom. Whatever dreams you have, your intuition will serve you to bring them to life.


Having the ability to directly access your intuitive wisdom will empower you to discover what you really love in every area of your life, and reveal how to purposefully and joyfully bring it to life. While at the same time serving you to progressively transform into the magnificent and powerful being you really are.


At Your Call To Greatness you will learn how to harness the power of your intuitive wisdom, and throughout the workshop, use it to resolve a current conflict or make a major decision in any area of your life, that you've been unable to resolve or make rationally.


I’ll be teaching you one of the most powerful exercises from my 8-month training; The Transformation, which will empower you to directly access your intuitive wisdom to:

  • Reveal the core beliefs and unconscious behaviours that were the original cause of your conflict or dilemma, so that it never happens again.
  • Obtain a clear vision of the end result you would love to create.
  • Receive the obvious action to take that will not only resolve your conflict or dilemma, but also enable you to create the end result you envisioned effortlessly and magically.


You will also:

  • Experience how much more powerful and effective it is to resolve conflicts and make decisions intuitively than rationally.
  • Have a powerful tool, which you can use whenever you choose, to resolve any future conflict or make any future decision intuitively.




 Rudi Cirigliano


Your Call To Greatness was fantastic. I learnt a lot about myself and where I want to be. I enjoyed the self discovery and learning how to distinguish my intuition from my feelings. I loved being able to tap into my intuition where before I couldn’t. 



 Liga Dzene


Your Call To Greatness showed me that I can get where I want to be sooner than I thought. I now understand what the principles are and how to create. I know that magic works, that’s the best part. 


Stephanie Burton


I was super skeptical about it initially as I've done a lot of personal development work, but what I really loved is that Your Call To Greatness starts where a lot of other programs finish off, in that it tells you exactly how to focus on what you love, and that is priceless! It was delivered incredibly well, it was so much fun. I’m going to do it again and again. 


 Edward Pike


I love the space Darren creates at Your Call To Greatness, it was so magical to create such a deep soul connection with people after just 2 days. I have never experienced such a deep level of connection in any other workshop I have ever done. It’s something that’s at a completely higher level than what’s currently offered. I loved seeing everyones Greatness this weekend and appreciating what everyone has to offer and how much love everyone has within them.


Jiten Patel


What I loved about Your Call To Greatness is the whole heart thing, to be able to tune into my heart and know what it wants. I love how being in this space brings me back to innocence and being in the mystery of life, this is such a big thing for me. This has been a spring board to bigger things, thank you Darren. 


 Neelam Bakshi


I love the atmosphere Darren creates at Your Call To Greatness and the community that gets created as a part of it, as well as the scope it gives me to go away and apply the premises, it’s very self generative. I really loved sharing it with my husband and watching him blossom because he feels so loved in this community. 


 Ross Lanham


I loved Your Call To Greatness, I got so much out of it. Darren is a wonderful facilitator, he creates so much transformation in people within just two days. I loved being able to put the premises into practice. I noticed how wrong my perception is when I go into reaction, but also how easily I can refocus on what I love and get clarity about my life, rather than worrying about everything else that’s going on in the world. I find that very powerful.